Glacier Church of Christ, Columbia Falls 12/11/2011

I had great intentions of starting my journey at my childhood church, Northridge Lutheran Church in Kalispell, Montana.   Let me just say that I am not the most timely person, and this day was no different.  Getting ready and going to church is more difficult than I thought.  The first thing on my mind was “church” clothes.  I have none.  I scoured my closet and came up with a long black skirt that had slits up to my thighs on both sides.  I don’t even recall buying the skirt or wearing it for any occasion.  I searched for nylons.  I guess I sent those to the thrift store during my last cleanse after watching an episode of “Hoarders”…since it had been several years since I even wore a pair.  My last ditch effort to look somewhat presentable found me sliding on my black SmartWool ski leggings underneath my liberal church-going skirt.  Note to self:  black attracts every speck of hair, lint, etc. that inhabits my less than clean house.  I have three dogs.  (Thank goodness two of them are black.)  Enough said.

So, I was ready.  What about Logan, my four-year-old son?  Does he have church clothes?  I had no idea!  All of his clothes are gratefully accepted hand-me-downs from a good friend who delivers them by the van load.  I find out what he has when they come out of the bins on the day he wears them.  I would like to add that he is an independent little guy.  (He was recently expelled from his Christian daycare/preschool, need I say more?)  I like to give him choices when I can, so I summoned him over to the dresser to help pick out some proper attire.  He immediately grabbed a blue t-shirt.  I was game, until I saw the word “evil” on it.  It was a Transformer T-shirt that said “Fight Evil” which was actually somewhat relevant, but I immediately banned it from the church wardrobe possibilities.  Logan threw a fit and I grew impatient and found my voice raising.  I instantly questioned my behavior and whether my mommy dearest demeaner was even church-worthy.

Bottom line:  we were never going to make it to the service of my childhood church, but gosh-dang-it, I was bound and determined to start my journey that I had put off for so many weeks.  I found the first step to my journey on Google.  “Churches in Columbia Falls, Montana” was my search.  Come to find out there are actually more churches than bars in Columbia Falls, which is rare in Montana.  I think the scales are usually tipped the other direction or at least balanced.

So off we went to “Glacier Church of Christ,” thanks to its close proximity to our house, time of service and Google.  The website informed me what to expect at the service and had a nice photo of the young pastor and his wife.  He actually looked like a teenage version of my cousin, so how could he possibly put the fear of God in me as his elder?  Yes, Glacier Church of Christ was my first step on my journey.  I will continue my writing and share my experience of this delightful service.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  Journeys are not all that easy to put into words.  Please be patient.  This is work in progress.   I will get to the God stuff, don’t worry.

Church of Christ
Logan in front of Glacier Church of Christ

Continuous.  Thank you Kasey.

p.s.  Pastor Kasey was wearing jeans.  My frantic pre-church clothing episode was fruitless.  Perhaps it was a useful lesson I can look back on and smile.

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Author: Heidi Wolf

I am not a religious person at all, but I am taking a spiritual journey...through a completely different route than ever before. I am going to visit a different church each week for 2012 and document my experience. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey as much as I enjoy writing about it. Peace be with you.

2 thoughts on “Glacier Church of Christ, Columbia Falls 12/11/2011”

  1. LOVE your writing, Heidi! This is a great beginning. Looking forward to much more elaboration. “Journeys are not all that easy to put into words.” Don’t I know it. Just let it flow, don’t beat yourself up over not writing and know there are people out here looking forward to reading about your journey. God bless! 🙂

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